What is a Collective?

A Collective is a group of practitioners – not experts – coming together to share their collective experience. No one has all the answers, but together we can learn from each other. We come together to learn, share, be humble, and become more effective in being like Jesus to our neighbors.

Why a Neighborhood Collective?

What if the Church got serious about doing those things that Jesus said matter most: loving God and loving our actual neighbor? How might the Church begin to impact the lives of those living in our own neighborhoods and in the places where we live, work, and play? We know the church in America is declining in attendance, and becoming “more attractional” is not the answer. We need to go out to the neighborhoods where people live, work, and play.

What is the purpose of the Neighborhood Collective?

The purpose behind the Neighborhood Collective is to bring together those who are actively involved in being like Jesus into local neighborhoods with those who are interested in exploring ways to become more effective at the neighborhood level in advancing the Kingdom of God in order to impact whole cities. This endeavor seeks to provide pastors and ministry leaders with resources and relationships that will encourage Christ-followers to effectively reflect our Lord’s love right where they live, work, and play. This is not a new church growth program. We are inviting you to gather with others on a most exciting journey . . . a journey that begins by simply obeying our Lord’s command to love our neighbors!

How did this start?

In 2015, Oak Hills Church in San Antonio hosted a gathering of leaders from around the U.S. to talk about neighboring ministry. This gathering was called the Neighborhood Collective, and those who attended shared their successes, their failures, and their on-going experiments. There were a variety of different styles and methods expressed, but on one point, all could agree: Neighboring is a value Christians and the Church must live out more literally if we are to see a change in the church in our country.

How do I join the Collective?

You can contact Tom Anthony, one of the founders of the Neighborhood Collective, at Tom@neighborhoodcollective.org.